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Private Equity

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Convertible $50k notes, up to $2 million convertible into ikiooTech digital shares
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ikioo is building a global decentralized healthcare community using Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

We are leading the way to a paradigm shift from a “disease-centric” to a “health-centric” healthcare system.

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ikioo is our 24/7 AI HealthBot that unifies state of the art technological advancements into a user-friendly healthcare platform. ikioo® Remote Health Monitoring and Management is comprised of two integrated platforms that work together to achieve personalized and far-reaching care.

The ikioo HealthBot app is your on-the-go intelligent personal health companion
available on Android, iOS, and Windows. For healthcare providers, the ikioor Provider Portal is "Your Global AI Health Presence". Accessible from any web browser, ikioor enables a more efficient management, delivery, and expansion of provider services.

The ikioo robot will be available Q2/Q3 2019. Our patented system includes AR/VR headsets and other devices that will:

1. Reduce waiting times through a pre-configured self-check in processes

2. Reduce exam times by accessing and inputting data quicker

3. Save on doctor’s office overhead


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ikioo Intelligent Interactive Diary

A USA patented technology designed to bring users and health professionals onto a unified platform to enable users to achieve a healthier lifestyle and for providers to manage, expand, and grow the services they offer.

ikioo HealthBot App

Available on Android, iOS, and Windows, the ikioo HealthBot app is your on-the-go intelligent personal health companion.

  • Easily enter your activities of daily living via voice, text, or picture.
  • Our algorithms will automatically categorize and organize your data enabling quick access and viewing.
  • Connect with all your health providers - stream your data, receive notifications, schedule appointments, take chat or video calls - from a single platform.
  • Use our revolutionary PHR to store, access, search and share all your medical records from one secure location.
  • Stay updated on fitness, diet, and medical news around the globe today.
  • Get personally tailored weekly or monthly AI reports for overviews, insights, and correlations of your data for a better understanding of you and your health
ikioo Robot

Welcome to the future of the healthcare office. Our system, patented in the USA, includes robots, AR/VR headsets, and other devices that will transform your office and take it beyond the present and into the future.

  • Reduce waiting times through our pre-configured self-check in processes.
  • Reduce exam times by accessing and inputting data quicker.
  • Save on office overhead.
  • Automatically connect with our ikioo HealthBot App and ikioor Provider Portal, enabling easy access to your client or patients health records and recent activities.

The robot will be available Q2/Q3 2019

ikioor Provider Portal

Accessible from any web browser, the ikioor Provider Portal is “Your Global AI Health Presence”.

  • Expand your brand beyond your normal reach by connecting with patients and clients across the globe.
  • Easily create, define, and manage the services you want to provide.
  • Schedule appointments, calls or video conferences through our calendar feature.
  • Manage your clients and patients virtually by accessing their PHR and stay up to date with their health.
  • View, comment, or make suggestions on your clients and patient’s nutrition, fitness, symptoms, vitals or medicine entries in real-time.
  • Broadcast information, news or announcements to all those under your care.

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