Energy Infrastructure

Asset Class

Private Equity

Value of Investment

$2 Million

Built on blockchain technology, ImpactPPA has designed, created and is now deploying a decentralized energy platform that disrupts and reimagines the renewable energy ecosystem from funding and distribution through to the payment process.

ImpactPPA is a blockchain based technology company transforming the global energy marketplace allowing consumers to “Pre-Pay” for electricity from a mobile device. ImpactPPA uses the power of the blockchain to provide a “payment rail” for investors, project developers, service providers, governments, utility companies and others driven from its proprietary trusted and transparent platform. The ImpactPPA solution also allows for the unbanked population of the world to gain identity and reputation through transacting on the platform for the most basic of needs – electricity, generating a valuable data about a huge and unidentified population of the world.

ImpactPPA has a team of seasoned executives with decades of experience in the global renewable energy sector. Its advisors have aided three US Presidents on renewable energy technology and policy, assisted in the launch of Ethereum, and have a deep understanding of global energy finance.

The Company has achieved significant milestones:

The Developing World's Energy Problem

The current financing models for new power projects are unwieldy, inflexible and inefficient. At ImpactPPA, we believe the time has come to apply a decentralized model to the purchase of power and the implementation of power-generating projects. We are dramatically reducing the friction in the system while reducing cost and improving efficiency.  This new paradigm will empower the approximately 1.2 billion people who still lack access to energy, providing the needed energy for their economies to grow and flourish while creating value for ImpactPPA’s token purchasers. 

The greatest immediate opportunity for ImpactPPA is in the emerging economies of the world where consumers have little or no access to electricity, where electrical power is inconsistent, or where the cost of electricity is high. The population in these markets is vast and generally unbanked, ImpactPPA’s decentralized energy platform has the potential to transform the lives of millions by providing access to affordable renewable energy through our blockchain based mobile payment application.


Solving the Problem with Innovation

Using Smart Contracts, smart-meters, and a token-based, stake-weighted marketplace, ImpactPPA's mobile based, Pre-Pay application disrupts and reconfigures the current energy funding/consumption paradigm. The ImpactPPA model provides governments, utility companies, municipalities, corporations, small businesses, villages and individuals with timely and direct access to the financing and technology needed for energy projects of all kinds.

ImpactPPA is currently testing its mobile application in India and in the United States. In its current MVP state the technology can demonstrate the use of the Company's utility token, the "Gen Credit", which can be given a set values enabling the flow of electricity through a variety of Smart Meters.


Smart Energy

Power will flow from the current source to homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, government facilities, etc., which are all connected to Smart Meters. The Smart Meter measures the usage of energy and stores the data in local memory. The data is then uploaded to the blockchain and a “history” of the users’ consumption is recorded.


The Smart Meter has the ability to alert users when they are about to exceed their GEN Credit balance and a need to replenish the account. If the account is depleted, the Smart Meter will defeat the flow of electricity until the users’ GEN Credit balance is sufficient. The consumer of the power accesses the Smart Meter and data on the blockchain to make a payment from his or her mobile device. The Smart Meter connects to the internet through whatever means are available—GSM, WiFi or a mesh network creating a local ISP.


Business Models

The Company’s financial model is built on three lines of revenue driven from our "Pre-Pay" technology

  1. Licensing of Pre-Pay technology and Sale of Smart Meters to Utility companies or stakeholders
  2. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) ImpactPPA installs, services and maintains renewable energy installations for a fee and a percentage of the recurring revenue
  3. Project Finance/Trade Finance, ImpactPPA works with 3rd parties on investments in specific projects


Current Projects in Development

  • Central Government of India - Harit Khadi
  • Caribbean Nations - Guyana, Suriname, Haiti, Belize, Jamaica
  • Sub-Saharan Africa - Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Kenya
  • Latin America - Columbia, Argentina
Token Model

The Company has created a 2-Token model for its value creation and platform utility.

The MPQ Token is a Security Token Reg D/S 506(c) and being offered to accredited investors. The MPQ Token provides the purchaser with certain rights and attributes governed by a Smart Contract. These rights include the ability to participate in all revenue streams being generated by the Company. All dividends are paid in a cryptocurrency of the token holders choice on a quarterly basis per a smart contract and deposited to in the MPQ holder’s wallet. The dividend will be no less than 15% of Net Income.

The GEN Credit is a utility token and is a stable coin, pegged to the US dollar. The GEN Credit is purchased by consumers at a local store, kiosk or any other place where he or she currently purchases mobile minutes.

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